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Choosing and maintaining the right banking partner isn’t just a nice-to-have for Alternative Investment Funds and their service providers. It’s as important for success as selecting the right investments and delivering value.

Finance solutions can be a real value-add for Fund Managers and their investors with Funds needing help to execute investment deals that might not be possible otherwise. The days of credit facilities being administration solutions only are over.

But making the right decision can be difficult.

There are now over 50 active lenders in Fund finance across Europe, including
traditional banking partners, new lenders, and non-bank lenders with investor capital to deploy.


Kombit Consulting can help you navigate this complex and ever-evolving landscape.

We can help you understand what banking and financing solutions are available and

support you in selecting the right ones to achieve your goals.

Two Men in Office

Banking Advisory

We can support you to review and benchmark your existing banking partner to check if their products and services fit your needs, source new banking partners to fulfil any unmet requirements and support you to execute strategic reviews and projects. 

Tall Buildings

Financing Advisory

We’ll help you to review your current financing relationships, understand the options available to you and identify new lenders if needed through our extensive network of providers.

Reaching a Deal

Negotiation & Execution

We can help you to close deals quickly and efficiently, managing documentation, timetables and discussions between your Board, lenders, and lawyers.

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