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Financing Advisory

Our approach and service mean that you’re in control and can call on us when it matters most to you. Our services are designed in a way that gives you the ability to engage us to fit your needs.

Discussing the Numbers

We can source new financing solutions

  • We can identify lenders through our extensive network of providers to present you with a shortlist that will best suit your needs.

  • We will review any terms to make sure that these are in line with your key requirements while addressing any questions that arise.

  • We can provide feedback on these terms, based on the extensive experience of the solutions and knowledge of the prevailing market conditions.

  • We’ll support you throughout negotiations with potential lenders.

  • We can assist you in presenting the options to any key stakeholders within your business.

Image by Luis Villasmil

We can provide advice

and structuring support

  • We’ll help you pinpoint the key drivers behind the need for any financing solutions and ascertain what relationships are already in place that could be built upon.

  • We can help you understand the range of financing options available and how the features of each will benefit you, so you choose the optimal instruments to meet your needs.

Office Building

We can review

and benchmark financing solutions

  • If you already have credit lines in place, we can support you to review these facilities and make sure they remain fit-for-purpose.

  • We can engage with fund finance market participants to gauge that the terms of any financing in place remain market-facing.

  • We can review your existing financing arrangements relative to your current goals and minimum requirements, to present options for amendments or refinances that would better support you to achieve your ambitions.

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