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Financial Report

Experience & Expertise

Business Meeting

We enhance relationships

  • We have a deep understanding of the market with an extensive network of global, active lenders.

  • We have hands on experience as a former primary lender, both directly structuring transactions and as a credit / pricing committee member.

  • We have a unique perspective on the offshore funds banking market, combining first hand experience of transactional banking and cash management with a broad understanding of fund administration.

  • Through our knowledge and experience of the banking and fund finance markets, we help our clients navigate the complex and varied options of products and services available.

  • Our main focus is to help our clients turbo-charge their relationships with old, new and potential banking partners or lenders​.

  • Our role is to make sure all parties have a clear understanding of each other’s drivers and deliver impartial oversight so our clients can devote their energy to building the lasting relationships they will need.

Desk with Laptop

Independence & Objectivity

  • We are an independently owned firm​.


  • Our interests are wholly aligned to those of our clients, through our relationship approach, which drives a long-term view of goals and ambitions rather than transaction-linked short-term relationships.

  • We don’t have any brokerage arrangements with banks or lenders. We are truly a borrower-side advisory firm with focus completely on supporting our clients to achieve the right solutions to meet their goals.

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